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Title/Artist: 'Textinction - Dino_s Distracted Demise' by Rukz One

Medium: Digital Illustration
Year Created: 2023

Size (W)x(H): 21cm x 29.7cm A4 sized print

More Info: | @rukzone

Artwork/Artist Description: Limited to 1/1 print, produced using pigment inks on 200gsm premium silk coated paper prints.

Don't look up or you might strengthen your neck! Don't rest your eyes or brain, you need to know what happens next! Scroll, scroll, scroll, until the bell tolls, swipe, flick! Dopamine drain, fill it up again quickly. Raise your followers high enough so they remember you when you're extinct.

Big messages and artworks that are in your face can deliver a strong message, but is it for everyone? What if we could lower the shock factor and make important messages something that visually even a child could view? Although the child might not get the message it may be a gateway for their parents to read further and perhaps plant a conversation seed for the next generation.

**Colour quality of prints may differ from the digital image due to printer colour correction

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