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Lemon Tang

Lemon Tang

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Title/Artist: 'Lemon Tang' by Lara Tees

Medium: Acrylic & mixed media
Year Created: 2022

Size (W)x(H): approx 30cm x 30cm

More Info:

Artwork/Artist Description: My work explores connections. I’m interested in what it means to call a place home, what it feels like to belong. "Lemon Tang' reflects my internal search for connection. The strong colour, contrasts and expressive marks reveal my own discordant internal landscape, feelings of isolation and desire to belong.

I’m a Melbourne artist and I create contemporary landscapes and abstract art. My work explores themes of connection (to places and people) and my own mental health. I've lived on three continents and my family is widely dispersed. This influences my work through recurring questions like what it means to call a place home, and what it feels like to belong.

I love the Australian landscape and I take much of my inspiration from the colours and textures of this amazing country I now call home: the rich red soil, the bright yellow wattle, the endless blue skies, the olive greens of the bush. I aim to capture the experience and memories of being in a place - the sights, sounds, smells, and feelings that it evokes. I love working with the immediacy of acrylics and mixed media as they help me respond quickly when inspiration strikes.

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