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Mind Muck

Mind Muck

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Title/Artist: 'Mind Muck' by Rukz One

Medium: Digital Illustration
Year Created: 2021

Size (W)x(H): 28cm x 35.5cm framed - Print available in A4

Artwork Description: Back in high school I got introduced to the free flow part of my style by my art teacher who was trying to get me to do more than one character per page. We ended up giving me a big board to fill but I would still leave massive gaps between the characters. To combat this we took one of my characters and made it big, then where I would colour in sections in black (I only ever used black,white and red) I was challenged to fill those sections with whatever I could draw. Over the years it evolved and allowed me to free flow shapes as a reverse Rorschach test.

Limited to 5 prints signed and numbered, produced using pigment inks on 200gsm premium silk coated paper prints.

**Colour quality of prints may differ from the digital image due to printer colour correction

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