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Out of the Shadows II

Out of the Shadows II

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 Title/Artist: 'Out of the Shadows II' by Leesa Gray-Pitt

Medium: Oil on canvas board
Year Created: 2023

More Info: | @artistleesagraypitt

Size (W)x(H): 54cm x 43cm

Artwork Description: It's time for the Goddess to rule - stepping out from the shadows of the patriarchy she brings peace and love to the world. Contemporary society can only rectify gender power imbalances by accepting that we are, in fact, multi-faceted beings with diverse traits. (gender, sexuality, ethnicity, religion, colour, age, social, physical and mental ability). Furthermore, that feminism is not exclusive but instead should, and is, actively embracing those that identify as femme regardless. My work is an emotional reaction to my personal experience. In other words, it is a cathartic way for me to deal with the psychological aspects of my journey from one of innocence, painful experience to feminism.

My body of work employs layering to create paintings that explore the complexity of the feminine identity. Addressing body image and feminism, I portray my women not as victims of marketability, morality or politics but with a found strength and agency. I purposely source materials such as textiles and fashion magazines to explore how society measures gender, ideas of power and notions of beauty.
Often adorning my paintings with flowers, butterflies, gold leaf, and gems, symbolic of the fraught relationship women have to beauty, innocence, protection and patriarchy. Importantly I use them as separate components that may stand on their own or to an idea of interconnectedness, overlapping identities and intersectionality.
In particular, focusing on intersectionality, of the need to consider both the individual and shared experiences of women in contemporary society.

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