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The Humming Daffodils

The Humming Daffodils

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 Title/Artist: 'The Humming Daffodils' by Tamara Bellion

Medium: Paper Quilling
Year Created: 2023

More Info: @tamara_bellion

Size (W)x(H): 45cm x 33cm

Artwork Description: This artwork is completed using a paper quilling technique which involves having hundreds of thin strips of paper, using tools to twirl and shape and then gluing each one individually standing to create an artwork. I was inspired by the daffodil day appeal and the humming bird symbolises beauty, love but are also respected fighters. I wanted to create something truly unique which hasn’t been seen before.

I am 24 and was a high achiever at school and sport. I became unwell at 13 years of age and that led to me spending time in hospital where I completed schooling but also developed my skills in music and art. These skills have helped me to create a new beginning and journey of self discovery. I have created some amazing artwork as well as developing Interior Design Skills. My Artworks have been awarded and published for a variety of projects, the diversity of my art makes me proud of who I am now growing to be.

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