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Tick Tock

Tick Tock

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 Title/Artist: 'Tick Tock' by Priscilla Ong

Medium: Playing Cards
Year Created: 2023

More Info: @hanzamonstas

Size (W)x(H)x(D): 25cm x 25cm x 10cm

Artwork Description: Tick Tock is a hand cut deck of custom playing cards, which is also designed by the artist. The playing card design connects with Priscilla’s passion for stories, illustration and her performances as a playing card illusionist. By utilising layering and subtraction of intricate sections the observer is presented with a little snippet of the world of Alice in Wonderland, akin to a diorama viewpoint. The meticulous cutaways create the sense of falling down the rabbit hole, just as Alice did.

Hanzamonstas is the imaginative and dynamic brand of Singapore-born Priscilla Ong, a Melbourne-based artist and street brand creator, who brings a touch of fantasy and new lite to a variety of objects and spaces through her distinctive and vibrant art style.

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