About Us

Our Philosophy

We believe that art and creativity have no blueprint. Art is transformative and is shaped by, and adapts to the time and place of its creation. We aim to shine a creative light that reaches new locations and audiences by paving new paths that challenge the “norm”.

Creating is fun and we seek to allow all involved a chance to pass the torch, sharing the fun with others and inspiring them to share their creativity with those in their lives.

The Journey

Artdecypher is a fresh one stop shop for expressive art and merchandise that was started in late 2022 by three artist friends.

After collaborating and connecting with like minded artists under the #artdecypher moniker they sought to bring that same energy into their artistic pathways and into the future.

Future Vision

To create a retail and event platform that maximizes the collaboration and connection that first formed #artdecypher. Breaking down the boundaries set by international borders we seek to create global unity and opportunities for creatives.

We aim to stand with other creators and unite through passion, and the way we can interpret the world around us.

What does Artdecypher mean?

There are two critical aspects to the name that unlock our philosophy

The first is the "Decypher" (decipher) component. This is all about discovering, unlocking, and cracking the code of what makes you uniquely you. Art can be a puzzle that puts you on a rollercoaster ride. We encourage artists to be their true selves and find safety in being vulnerable. It is through creative expression that we can be ourselves.

The second element is the "Cypher". This is known for being a freestyle session between a few rappers or dancers. A Cypher typically goes in a cyclical motion and is an exchange of creative energy and passion that can inspire the next person.

Combining these two words we have created something that is a vibe, a statement and a vision we want to share with the community.