The Corner Studio and Artdecypher proudly present - NOT THE SAME OL’ Artshow. Featuring 30 Artists!

Ana Hanson, ANGVS, Ariadne, Arimania, Arty_Aye, Brens, Cass and the Canvas, Dave Behrens, Elyce Henderson, Kombilad, Lan Pagliaro, Lara Tees, Leesa Gray-Pitt, Luke Haillay, Manny, Matthew Simpson, Mega Felt, Msdotdoodles, Nick, PAULA MAGGS, Peta Tranquille, Rukz One, Snow, SYYPHER, Teeny Fletcher, Tilter, Tommy Sea, Victoria Vetrano, Xiang, Yokairu

Big on vibes and low on w@nk, this group show provides a low cost entry point for artists in Australia who are looking to exhibit. Networking and creative community are key elements to a good practise and our opening night will celebrate these elements.

The Corner Studio creates an environment of accessible art for everyone and anyone in the community. The space is a place to give back, and give people the opportunity to showcase and develop their creativity in a wholesome environment. You can find out more about what else is happening at The Corner Studio via

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