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 Title/Artist: 'Evolve' by Msdotdoodles

Medium: Mix (Watercolour and ink)
Year Created: 2023

More Info: | @msdotdoodles

Size (W)x(H): 23cm x 33cm

Artwork Description: To adapt to the changing needs of the community, this public telephone box in London has been made into a library. In fact, it is now the city’s smallest working library. So although the city acknowledges that there’s no more need for public phones where people have access to contact someone, it has created a space of different kinds of communication. This phone box has evolved to be 'Lewisham Micro Library', and now it creates getaways to knowledge, offering a plethora of information and ideas to be explored.

Hi! I am a mum of two and I love doodling. I have never did a proper art training, so I am reluctant to call myself an artist. I started doodling to capture the precious moment of my mundane life. This include my motherhood journey and random special places I visited. I used ink and watercolour as my medium.

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