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 Title/Artist: 'a4' by Kombilad

Medium: Vic Ash timber and acrylic paint
Year Created: 2024

More Info: @kombilad

Size (W)x(H): 22cm x 30cm

Artwork Description: a4 is a 3D hand made creation which is part of a literal study into font and the shapes within the font styles.

The relationship of the colours is as important as the final finishings. The colours I chose give the piece a post industrial slant which marry with the font and the era in which they were commonly used.
Bridge over intersections

Journeys intersecting against local urban forms in which it’s function can often be bypassed in the per suite of getting to a destination.The Destination is the end of journey and life is the experience is what happens in between, experience is what we all share along with emotions, happy or sad. The bridge is a form in which like tools aid us through but is often not celebrated.

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