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Amongst the Chaos

Amongst the Chaos

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 Title/Artist: 'Amongst the chaos' by Ayesha Dharmabandu

Medium: Acrylic paint
Year Created: 2024

More Info: @arty_aye_sha

Size (W)x(H): 26cm x 35cm

Artwork Description: Staring down at the koi swimming gracefully in the water, brings tranquility and calmness, amongst the chaos in this world. This artwork represents determination and persistence, during times of adversity. The resilience to swim upstream, through the treacherous current. And ultimately finding peace in the stillness of a pool. It presents perseverance within an individual.

Ayesha Dharmabandu (@arty_aye_sha) is a Melbourne based Multidisciplinary Artist. She is also a Visual Arts and English teacher, in West Melbourne. She completed her Bachelor of Education, in Creativity and the Arts in 2008, majoring in Fine Arts and Performing Arts and sub-majored in Literature. Ayesha is an emerging and expressive abstract artist. She often experiments with printmaking, acrylic paints, watercolour paints, graphite, conte, ink, and gold leaf to create her works of art. Her paintings often depict movement and transformation, using bright colours, lines, and textures. She often writes poetry to help her viewers delve deeper into understanding her art, and in turn help her express herself and her artwork to her audience. She has always been inquisitive and often connects her art with spirituality and the community. 

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