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Bush Dimension Shrooms

Bush Dimension Shrooms

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 Title/Artist: 'Bush Dimension Shrooms' by Efthimios Psanoudakis

Medium: Pencil, fineliner, Photoshop
Year Created: 2023

More Info: @mak.au_

Size (W)x(H): 43cm x 31cm

Artwork Description: This piece was inspired by my many walks in the Australian bush during the winter months. I enjoy creating visually trippy and intricate works with many colours and patterns. The process of creating this work was fairly simple. it started off as a pencil drawing which was then given the fine liner treatment. I then took a photo of it with my phone and added the colour in Photoshop. After that, it was off to Officeworks where a well mannered young lady assisted in the printing. I picked out a frame and the job was done. It was then time to submit the artwork and write an Artist statement. This part of the assignment was the hardest because I ran out of characters and exceeded the 1000 character limit. In hindsight I could have avoided this by simplifying the statement, but I feel like I needed to be thorough and explain the piece in detail. What more is there to say about this piece then? Well i guess art is all about interpretation, so i will leave the meaning of this piece up to you.

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