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Title/Artist: 'Connected' by Cass and the Canvas

Medium: Mixed Media on handmade, recycled paper. Framed in Victorian Ash
Year Created: 2022

Size (W)x(H): approx 31cm x 41cm

More Info:

Artwork/Artist Description: This work is an exploration of the connection between living creatures. The symbiotic relationship that has formed beneath our feet. We walk on top, only beginning to discover the vast network that weaves our earth together. From the peaks of the mountains, to the bottom of the ocean. The mycelial network interweaving life from all corners and depths of the earth. Connecting plants and animals (us included) on our wonderous floating rock we call home.

Cassandra is an experimental, self-taught Artist and Maker, raised and based in Naarm (Melbourne). Creating eclectic, Mixed Media pieces and recycled crafts, entwining a sustainable, planet-loving mindset into her work.

Cass and the Canvas is the vessel for the creative adventure of Cassandra's craft. Giving new life to something, recycling and waste free creativity is the driving force being her work. Working in a variety of mediums including painting, paper making, jewellery making and her craft is always evolving and adapting. Inspiration coming from the ever changing, rapid and passive, natural world. Along with a life-long love for mystical, fantasy worlds and sci-fi adventures. Aiming to bring dream-like fun, vibrant ideas and conversation to others, through art and crafts.

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