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Doodles With Hearts And Eyes

Doodles With Hearts And Eyes

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Title/Artist: 'Doodles with Hearts and Eyes' by Ana Hanson

Medium: Digital Art, Paint Pens
Year Created: 2021

Size (W)x(H): approx 20cm x 25cm

More Info: | @anahansonart

Artwork/Artist Description: "Doodles with Hearts and Eyes" is a captivating digital artwork that was born from the whimsical charm of doodles reared using vibrant paint pens. The playful energy of doodling is contained in a geometric design, reminiscent of a mandala. However, it diverges from tradition with its contemporary, bright colors and intricate patterns. Hearts and eyes are interspersed throughout the composition, adding a touch of endearing whimsy. The artwork's harmonious balance of form and color invites viewers to immerse themselves in a world of joyful creativity and exploration.

Ana’s philosophy is that continued growth and exploration in an essential part of being an artist. When it comes to art the only thing Ana has no interest in – is doing the same thing twice.

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