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Honeymoon Adventures - Energy Map

Honeymoon Adventures - Energy Map

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 Title/Artist: 'Honeymoon Adventures - Energy Map' by Rhys Delinac

Medium: Ink on paper
Year Created: 2023

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Size (W)x(H): 32cm x 28cm

Artwork Description: Energy Maps reflect a time and place, aiming to convey metaphorical, literal and emotional concepts into the elements that make up a design. A map of energy. They usually feature a series of lines and dotwork and symbols that flow in a story-telling manner. I am influenced by illustration styles such as ancient sigils, iconography, symbolism and the way Australian Aboriginal art represents dreaming.

This particular map depicts a journey of love, passion and adventure the ensues after the union of two souls.

Rhys creates with fineline illustrations and applying them to a traditional hand-poke tattoo technique, watercolour and acrylic paints. He’s most excited to share his large-scale, multidimensional sculptures, to touch communities with awe, wonder and intrigue.

Growing up in a family that spent a lot of time in the bush, forests and beaches of Victoria, he also includes Australian native fungi, flora and fauna, and the patterns seen, within his works. It is important that the land he occupies is respected, understood and honoured, and hopes his art will provoke the same respect from others. 

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