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Inner Rift

Inner Rift

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 Title/Artist: 'Inner Rift' by Delisnack Art

Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Year Created: 2023

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Size (W)x(H): 43cm x 52cm

Artwork Description: Rhys Delinac is an emerging artist; born in 1994, growing up in Reservoir and recently relocating to Werribee. Having worked as a business analyst for the last 7 years, his attention now turns toward a life of creative expression.

He is currently exploring with fineline illustration and applying them to a traditional hand-poke tattoo technique, watercolour and acrylic paints, and most excited to share his large-scale, multidimensional sculptures, to touch communities with awe, wonder and intrigue.

Rhys has been able to contribute his take on themes regarding ADHD, societal expectations and norms, subconscious states of flow, coming of age and self reflection through his new-found practice. The expression of these themes are often inspired from his own lived experience, with the creation of artworks aiming to help reflect on internal dissonance, and challenge by evoking evolution and transformation within.

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