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 Title/Artist: 'Intersection' by Artstralis

Medium: Digital print - Procreate
Year Created: 2024

More Info: @artstralis

Size (W)x(H): 21cm x 30cm

Artwork/Artist Description: A typical Melbourne street scene where infrastructure is more important than pedestrians.

I’m a self-taught creative living in Melbourne’s western suburbs. I’m strongly influenced by Australian culture, science fiction, cyberpunk and vaporwave aesthetics, and dystopian/post-apocalyptic fiction. While my work tends to reflect the darker elements of life I love sprinkling humour and motifs throughout. Iconic figures from Australian history and culture feature heavily in my pieces: Ned Kelly, Vegemite, and even Bubble-O Bills. All of them standing out in late-stage consumerist Hellscapes that are beautiful in their over-developed decay. Basically, I was motivated to create the Australian sci-fi dystopia I always wanted to see but I was sick of waiting for others to create it.

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