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Itoros in Space

Itoros in Space

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 Title/Artist: 'Itoros in Space' by Will Elika

Medium: Digital Art Print
Year Created: 2023

More Info: | @dark_black_arts

Size (W)x(H): 34cm x 25cm

Artwork Description: 3 Polynesian itoros (idols) gone rogue: changed skin colour, got tattoos and piercings and now floating in space….does not make any sense at all.

Hi I'm Will Elika - visual artist based in Melbourne. My art is influenced by my Polynesian heritage and culture with a mix of street art, 80s 90s pop culture and horror - depending on my vibe at the time. Mediums of choice: digital art prints, acrylic on canvas/board and ink art prints.

My goal is to share my culture and story with the world.

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