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Jam Man

Jam Man

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 Title/Artist: 'Jam Man' by Annie Lillis

Medium: Mixed media print
Year Created: 2023

More Info: @annielillis.makes.things

Size (W)x(H): 35cm x 35cm

Artwork Description: I am Annie. I am a painter and printmaker and dabble as a textile artist. My work is an exploration of my state of mind and body. Revealing marks like visual map is something I can understand. Making art for me is a way of problem solving. I can work out what part of the composition needs attention in order to gain balance and stability. It's a way of transferring energy from my body and observing it visually. My work is reflective of a fairly constant state of anxiety, it tells my own story of being, and living in hypertension. I am one woman, a survivor among many. Although my art making allows me to consider my often self destructive behaviour and erratic tendencies, my work also brings me so much joy. I feel I've made an achievement and I can embrace my wild and hang it on a wall. My work is gentle and bold in many ways (colour, line and texture) which gives my viewers a moment to appreciate whatever my work may provide for them.

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