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Let's Jump in the Pool

Let's Jump in the Pool

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 Title/Artist: 'Let's Jump in the Pool' by Eric Lungren

Medium: Water colour, texta and oil pastel on dodgy paper
Year Created: 2023

More Info: @quiteonetwo

Size (W)x(H): 25cm x 34cm

Artwork Description: Taking inspiration from the forms and lines discovered while working with young children (0-5) this work also utilises typical motifs found in tattoo flash cards and graffiti productions to produce a work which juxtaposes these two usually separate worlds together.

My work recently has taken inspiration from lines, shapes and forms found in children's drawings while working within the early childhood space. This has been juxtaposed with my continued interest in tattoo flash cards, graffiti and cartooning. The mediums water colour, oil pastel and texta are used to mimic the mark making tools children typically utilise.

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