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Title/Artist: 'Love' by Luke Haillay

Medium: Digital Print
Year Created: 2023

Size (W)x(H): approx 35cm x 28.5cm

More Info:

Artwork/Artist Description: More than any picture I have seen, this image feels like falling in love. Like how all the feelings and moods and thoughts keep gravitating toward or emanating from a single source, which is that one person or thing that brings you joy and warmth and comfort. It's not perfect or symetrical, just swirling mess of beautiful mistakes and joyful memories.

Lotta them new age city slickers make a livin' mining crypto or solvin' Captchas down at that Metamart. Me? I'm just an ol' fashioned fractal rancher. It's a modest days work, peering through a rusty old fractalscope, sifting through hundreds of glitchy matrix crystals.. but heck nothin' beats the feeling of seeing a roaring fractal roasting by the GPU on a cold lonely night on the edge of infinity.

**Colour quality of prints may differ from the digital image due to printer colour correction

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