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Muz Bruz

Muz Bruz

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Title/Artist: 'Muz Bruz' by Rukz One

Medium: Digital Illustration and Duct Tape
Year Created: 2021

Size (W)x(H): 34cm x 23cm framed

More Info: | @rukzone

Artwork Description: Watching greed and corruption surround a false value, attached to a man made object sounds like a joke within itself. As the generations go on and advertising gets more embedded in everything we do, the pressure to consume is constant. Algorithms and tailored advertisements run this world. Our data, sold off to try and secure the next buy. Devalue the power money holds and take away the glory from these characters. Food, games, entertainment enslaves us all. What if I duct-taped these symbols inside a frame? Are they worth $120k now?

1/1 edition produced using pigment inks on 200gsm premium silk coated paper print.


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