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 Title/Artist: 'Pink' by Peta Tranquille

Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Year Created: 2019

More Info: | @petatranquilleartist

Size (W)x(H): 31cm x 31cm

Artwork Description: Decades ago when I started studying Cartography I was introduced to a traditional technique of mapping that utilised a plastic coated sheet called Scribe Coat. With the use of a tool called a Scribe, clean crisp lifework was scribed into the sheet to produce perfect linework via photographic means. The finished map was produced by creating several sheets depicting separate information. Each sheet was then photographed and the result was plates which could then be used to produce numerous copies of the map.⁣

This is my interpretation of the production plates and how each one has different colours and information.⁣

Peta's work has a focus on aerial views and with her 30+ years experience in Cartographic mapping is a major influence in her work. Peta often refers to her mind as being blank or void of light due to a condition called Aphantasia that renders Peta's ability to visualise impossible. At first the darkness had a negative impact on Peta's creativity, but she has learned to accept that it is part of what makes her unique.

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