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Walking Dreams

Walking Dreams

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 Title/Artist: 'Walking Dreams' by Ana Hanson

Medium: Pyrography, Acrylics, Paint Pen and Varnish on Wood Panel
Year Created: 2024

More Info: | @anahansonart

Size (W)x(H): 21cm x 29cm

Artwork Description: Walking Dreams is a mixed media artwork evoking a walk through a forest in a dream-like or mind-altered state. It’s style is influenced by surrealism and abstraction and appropriates motifs and styles from a range of art movements - both traditional and contemporary.

Ana Hanson is an Australian visual artist and illustrator who works in a wide variety of media and styles, across a number of genres. She doesn’t distinguish between, or care about notions of ‘low’ or ‘highbrow’ art, and wants her art to be accessible to those both in and out of the so-called ‘art world’. Her drawings for ‘Not The Same Ol Art show’, were specifically created to be tattoo designs that also stand on their own as artworks. They are simple yet elegant designs that utilise the effect of black and grey style, created using the stripped-back drawing media of pencil and pen and ink. These pieces use some of the traditional motifs associated with tattoo art, while also tapping into the kind of ephemeral imagery that can be found in art movements such as surrealism and pop-surrealism. Ana’s philosophy is that continued growth and exploration in an essential part of being an artist. When it comes to art the only thing Ana has no interest in – is doing the same thing twice. 

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